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Newsletter October 2016

Language systems newsletter

Editorial – Halloween and Its Origin By Ligia Andersen, Program Coordinator at DTLA

           Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. Here is a little more information about Halloween: 
Costumes: Originally, many people believed that ghosts came back to the earthly world on Halloween day a long time ago. So, people thought if they wore costumes or masks, the ghosts would mistake them for fellow spirits so that people could keep ghosts away from them. Today, people still dress up in a typical costume such as ghosts, witches, and devils, and also TV or movie characters and just silly created looking costumes. 
The Halloween Pumpkin is also called the Jack-O-Lantern. Its name came from a character in Irish folktales. Pumpkins are carved into a scary face, a candle is placed inside, and then it is placed on the doorstep of the home in order to scare evil spirits away. 
Trick-or-Treating: The main event of Halloween is Trick-or-Treating, whereby costumed children go from house to house to ask for candy. The origin of this event was the early celebrations of all Soul’s Day in Britain. Poor people begged for food so that families gave them special treats called soul cakes. It was called “going a-souling,” and the soulers would promise to say a prayer for their dead relatives so they would help them find their way to heaven. 
           Make sure to wear a costume and enjoy October 31st!

Language Systems Lifestyle – Happy Halloween By Ligia Andersen, Program Coordinator at DTLA

           Make sure to visit the neighborhood of Hancock Park and its amazing Halloween decorated houses… A lot of people go treat or treating there. 
Another awesome place to visit on October 31st is West Hollywood. The world famous parade is incredible! You won’t believe the costumes you will see there! You will also be able to enjoy music everywhere. 
In Griffith Park, the Haunted Hay Ride is also very popular and terrifying! 
Check out these sites for more Halloween activities in LA:

Discover L.A. – Oktoberfest By Ligia Andersen, Program Coordinator at DTLA

           October is famous for another great event: Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest is a traditional German party that has become more and more celebrated around the world! This is your chance to explore German bars and restaurants around LA and learn more about this celebration. 
The Red Lion Tavern is a famous German restaurant in Silver Lake. Here is their schedule for Oktoberfest: 
Head to one of our favorite German-themed places to drink outdoors for their annual Oktoberfest bonanza. Stop by for a commemorative Oktoberfest stein, three special German Oktoberfest beers on tap, special food menus, and stein-holding competitions on the weekends where the winner goes to Vegas. And, on October 16th, stop by for the return of Heino, the legendary German singer. 
Here is a list of other places you can visit this month in LA: 

Free in Los Angeles – West Halloween Carnival By Ligia Andersen, Program Coordinator at DTLA

           Did you know that you can experience one of the best Halloween celebrations in the US right here in West Hollywood? 
The West Halloween Carnival is a mind blowing experience! You will see the best costumes you have ever seen and dance to the music along Santa Monica Boulevard. 
The event is FREE and definitely something you want to attend while living in Southern California! For more information, check out their websites: 

Language Systems Faces – Interview with Student Advisor Albert(DTLA) By Ligia Andersen, Program Coordinator at DTLA

           Albert is Downtown’s new student adviser. Let’s get to know him a little more! 
Q:Albert, when did you start working at Language Systems? 
A: I started in August. 
Q: What has been your favorite experience at LSI so far? 
A: The best experience I have gained so far has definitely been customer service. I was a student myself just a few months ago, so now I feel like I can truly understand their needs. 
Q: You mentioned you were a student yourself. What did you study? 
A: I studied Film Production for 2 years, but ended up graduating as a music major. 
Q: That’s great! What kind of music is your favorite? 
A: I like to listen to all kinds of music, but I grew up listening to jazz and rock. I currently produce electronic music. 
Q: What languages do you speak? 
A: I speak English and Japanese fluently, and basic conversational Korean! 
Q: What would you recommend our students to do in LA? What are your favorite spots or things to do? 
A: LA has a nice mix of nature and urban feeling. I recommend going on hikes, hanging out at the beach, and getting lost in the forest, haha! From my experience when I am close to nature, to water, to fresh air, I feel so refreshed. It makes me realize how much we take all the free things in this giant city for granted! I love LA! I hope you guys can get the best out of it while studying English, of course!

Articles El Pueblo De Los Angeles By Ligia Andersen, Program Coordinator at DTLA

           In the late 18th century, a “Pueblo” was founded under the order of King Carlos the 3rd of Spain. Later, this district grew into the 2nd largest city in the U.S.A, also known as Los Angeles. 
           Olvera Street is one part of this area. Olvera Street was named after Agustin Olvera, L.A’s first county judge, who also owned a house at the end of the street. This district is the oldest area of L.A; therefore, there are many structures which have “L.A’s first” in their name. 
           This place looks totally different from other L.A spots. The structures were all built between 1818 and 1926 and most are made of brick. There is a daily street market on Olvera Street, and you can find a museum, an outdoor cafe, and souvenir shops while strolling through it. The museum admission is free, and of course you can taste Mexican food in the outdoor cafe, and you will find many interesting trinkets in each shop. You can also find a museum church, and some old structures off the street. The church is L.A’s oldest church. It was built in 1822. 
           If you are feeling tired of L.A, it would be good to make an escape L.A and spend your weekend in this exotic place in the heart of downtown L.A.

Personality Based on Blood Type By Ligia Andersen, Program Coordinator at DTLA

           Some people believe that we can get a good idea about an individual’s personality based on his or her blood type. A person’s blood type is determined by the kind of antigen in the red blood cells. If a person has an A antigen, the blood type is A, and if a person has B antigen, the blood type is B. If people have both, the blood type is AB, and those with neither are blood type O. The most common type is O. There is no solid scientific evidence that blood type is related to personality, but some people believe that it is true. Here are some of the characteristics of different blood types. 
           People with A blood type are obedient, careful, sympathetic, self-absorbed, polite and honest. They need a private or secret place, so they dislike crowded places. People with B blood type don’t like interference from others. They don’t want to be controlled by any rules, so they start their own business rather than working for someone else. People with AB blood type have both aspects of A and B, so this blood type is really complicated. They try get along with others and try to be the one who can help others. And they always make a reasonable relationship and like to judge things. People with O blood type are confident, strong- willed, proud, sociable and energetic. They make friends easily, so they like to be self-centered. Based on this article, you can compare your blood type with its characteristics. If you don’t know your blood type, you can go to The Red Cross and donate some blood. Then you can get your blood type test.

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