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Are US Colleges and Universities Affordable for International Students?

Studying at a college or university in the United States can be expensive for international students. However, there are opportunities for financial aid that can help students pay for a US education. Here are some places to start your search:

  1. U.S. Government Aid International students are not eligible for US government aid programs. However, colleges and universities ask all students to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Many schools will request international students to submit a FAFSA to determine if the student can receive non-governmental aid. Some US schools are more likely than others to offer financial aid for international students. The following link lists which schools offer aid to the largest number of international students.
  2. US Student Loans All international students applying for loans must have a US co-signer. The co-signer must be a permanent US resident with good credit who has lived in the US for the past two years.
    Here are a couple of companies that offer loans to international students.

    Global Student Loan Corporation (GSLC). GSLC offers student loans for international students that do not require a US citizen or permanent resident to co-sign the loan.

    The Education Resources Institute (TERI) (1-800-255-8374 x210 or 1-617-426-0681). The TERI Professional Education Plan (PEP )loan is available for graduate and professional study.
  3. US Scholarships for International Students Most schools offer scholarship programs specifically for international students attending the institution.
    The following link includes databases that list scholarships for international students.
    Students should also search the FinAid site and the FastWeb database

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