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TOEIC® Preparation

The purpose of the TOEIC® class is to help students pass the TOEIC® test.

GMAT® & GRE® Preparation (18 hours per week)

An intensive test preparation class – 18 hours per week – that combines the similar elements of the revised GMAT®/GRE®, yet also allows for individualized review and practice of the components that are not alike. This class will cover the strategies and review the verbal portions of both tests. The class will cover the following areas:

An intensive review of words that appear on the GMAT® and GRE® in addition to a study/review of word roots.

Question types for both the GRE® and GMAT® will be explained, analyzed and reviewed.

Analysis and practice of the sentence correction questions will be done in separate GMAT® sessions.

This is a question type specific to the GMAT® and will be extensively reviewed in the individualized GMAT® sections of the class.

The structure of an essay and approaches for analyzing issues and arguments will be reviewed and reinforced during the 12-week session.

These are question types specific to the GRE® test. Strategies for recognizing relationships as well as reinforcement of vocabulary will be presented in the individualized GRE® sections of the class.

Both GRE® and GMAT® students will have assigned LAB days to get additional instruction via the computer. This is particularly helpful for the student since both the GRE® and the GMAT® are computerized in the United States.