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Newsletter August 2017

Language Systems Newsletter

Editorial – International Friendship Day By Carlos Takashima, PC at NELA

We have many special days to celebrate, but one we often take for granted is International Friendship Day.  What does it mean?  Well, It’s supposed to be a day when people from all over the world hold events or activities to promote solidarity and mutual respect for all human beings.  Sounds complicated, but how much have you learned from any new friends you may have made in Language Systems?  How many new customs, words, or ideas have you discovered that maybe helped you understand more about the world, and maybe even yourself?

Not all organizations hold events for such occasions, so my recommendation is to spend time with someone not from your culture, or maybe try something new, or meet someone new, from another culture.  The best way to learn and understand about the world is to see what we learn about ourselves when we are exposed to new people and things.  All of our schools are rich in diversity and we can always learn from one another.  You’re not only an English student, but you’re also an ambassador to your country and culture.  Don’t ever forget how much you can influence someone else’s view of the world, including your own.  Besides, it’s not every day that you get to meet people from other cultures or study with them.  Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity that you have in your hands; Who knows, maybe you can change the world a bit with a simple conversation.

Language Systems Life Style (NELA) – The LSI Beach Party – A Perfect Day! By Michelle Buell, Academic Director at LSI

Friday, July 21st, was a balmy day with blue skies and warm water at Huntington Beach – a perfect day for LSI’s annual beach party.  There were about 300 students, staff, and teachers coming from all four campuses, and it looked like everyone was ready to soak up some sun and have a good time! The volleyball teams all arrived a little early to practice on the courts before the main event, the Annual LSI Beach Volleyball Tournament. All the teams were strong, so when the games started, it was exciting to watch. The Orange County Surfers and South Bay Sharks were both undefeated in the volleyball tournament after 2 games, so they met for the championship.  It was extremely close, with the lead moving back and forth between the two teams. Finally, in one of the closest games in recent tournaments, the South Bay Sharks scored the winning point, defeating OC to win the trophy!

After a lunch of delicious sandwich wraps and chips, it was time for the water games. Since the weather was so hot, the water warm, and the skies cloudless, it felt good to jump in the ocean and get wet.
Everyone joined in for the tug-of-war competition, with Downtown LA winning and taking home another plaque to hang in their lobby.  There was no shortage of volunteers for the other games, which included racing into the water to grab a pole and filling up buckets with leaky containers full of ocean water.  A lot of the Orange Country students tried bodyboarding for the first time.  Soon it was time to wrap up the competition with the final game of the day, the disgusting food contest.  Four brave students from each school raced to eat up such ingredients as bitter melon and dried durian. Although it was close, Northeast LA finished first and won the prize! Throughout the day, students got together to make new friends from other campuses and enjoy the perfect California sun. It was a perfect day!   

Discover LA (NELA) – Museums in Pasadena: First Free Friday By Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at NELA

Wondering what to do on the weekend, but don’t want to spend too much?  Try taking your friends, your date, or even yourself out to free afternoon at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.  Every first Friday, the PMCA is free between the hours of 12 – 5 pm.  From now until August 6th, 2017, they will be displaying painting from the “Golden Twenties,” works by Gustave Baumann, and other displays.   It’s not something you get every day and these free events are less common during the summer, because most museums know students are on vacation.
Los Angeles offers a number of museums to visit, but don’t be afraid to try something because it’s a little far from you.  Remember that you may have a limited time in the city.  It could cost you much more to come back and see these displays in the future.  Enjoy them with your classmates or new American friends while you enjoy the city.  Keep your eye out for other events in the Northeast Los Angeles or other vicinities in the city.  There’s always something to discover.

Free in LA (NELA) By Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at NELA

    Date(s): 08/04/2017
    Day(s): Friday
    Time(s): 7pm – 9pm
    Address: 1000 Park Ave, South Pasadena, 91030
    Phone: 310-217-7596
    Cost: Free
  • PMCA 1234: FIRST FREE FRIDAYMuseums in Pasadena
    Date(s): 08/04/2017
    Day(s): Friday
    Time(s): 12-5PM
    Address: 490 E. Union St. Pasadena, CA 91101
    Phone: 6265683665 Cost: Free
    Date(s): 08/12/2017
    Time(s): 12pm- 8pm
    Address: 109 E. Union Street, Pasadena CA 91103
    Phone: 626.356.9725
    Cost: FREE
  • CIRQUE DI SARRAY Performance in Pasadena
    Date(s): 08/15/2017
    Day(s): Tuesday
    Time(s): 6pm to 7pm
    Address: 85 E. Holly St. Pasadena, CA 91103
    Phone: 626-831-0520
    Cost: Free
  • OPENING DAY Museums in Pasadena
    Date(s): 08/20/2017
    Time(s): 12:00pm – 5:00pm
    Address: 490 E Union St, Pasadena, CA 91101
    Cost: Free with admission, Free for PMCA members. Children 12 and under are always free!

Student Article 

Beach Party By Yohan Prayoga (Level 6)

It was a beautiful, bright, and sunny day. The LSI Beach Party was the most interesting event I have been to in LA. First, there were many people from other schools, so I could meet new people who live all over Los Angeles. Next, I participated in the volleyball tournament and tug of war. Even though we lost, I thought it fun because we could work together as a team. Finally, they provided good food. Instead of pizza, they had sandwiches, which were very tasty and healthier. Overall, it was really interesting and I enjoyed the LSI Beach Party.

Language Systems Faces Interview with Staff (NELA) Interview conducted by Carlos Takashima at Pasadena Campus

Meet Ariel Tiet

Q: How long have you been working at Language Systems?
A: I’ve been working in NELA for three months.

Q: What do you like about Language Systems?
AThe people I work with.

Q: What is something new you have learned at Language Systems?
AI’ve learned how to talk with people better.  It’s difficult to understand students sometimes, so I’ve learned how to understand what they’re trying to say or what they want me to interpret.

Q: How many languages do you speak?
A: I speak two languages, English and Cantonese/Mandarin.

Q: What is your hobby? Do you ever invite students to participate with you?
A: I like watching movies and hiking.

Q: Who is your hero/role model? Why?
A: My dad because he went through many struggles to provide for the life that my family and I enjoy now.

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