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Newsletter April 2017


Earth Day
By Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at NELA
           Earth Day; what is it?  Why do we even consider it?  Here are my thoughts.  Most people like the sound of the word Earth Day because it brings up images of environmentally friendly processes or actions by citizens and special groups.  You see videos of people picking up trash, saving whales, finding ways of saving water, etc.  You read articles about a new scientific discovery that will change or save our world without us having to do anything.  There’s a lot of information out there, but here’s the questions; what do you really know about Earth Day, the environment, and climate change?  Have you ever really sat down and focused on what all of those things mean?  Does it bore you?  Does it scare you?  Do you care?
This Earth Day, I propose a different task.  Rather than going out and picking up some trash or recycling your water bottle, I challenge you to find several environmental challenges you can research about and pick one that interests you.  There’s not one problem bigger than the other.  Our entire environment is connected and not all of the issues get the same coverage.  Maybe you could find something that really interests you and you could be the next head person of a group that advocates for a problem that’s disregarded or ignored all together.  I challenge you to sit down for an hour or two and understand what the environment is, how it affects you, and what climate change really means.  I don’t want to give you my opinion or force you to see my perspective.  This year, it’s all about Environmental and Climate literacy.  You have to start somewhere, and education is the first step.  Peace.

Language Systems Life Style 

Why Should I Study at NELA?
By Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at NELA

          I understand that students come to study English in Los Angeles because of the accessibility of things and all the attractions it has to offer. I understand that there’s a misconception about some areas being more entertaining or fun than others. It’s important to find a place you’re happy when you’re so far away from home and want to get the most out of your time in the United States; That’s why I advocate that you give NELA a try. I know some people think there may be nothing to do out here, but they would be wrong. There’s more to this part of the city than you can even think about, and we offer a couple of perks that you may not be aware about.
For one, we live in one of the most historical areas of the city and some of the most up and coming neighborhoods.  We will be moving to Pasadena soon, and the name itself springs of cool things to look out for. The San Gabriel valley has several neighborhoods that offer more cultural diversity and changing demographics than other parts of the city. There are good music and food scenes out here, and you may find that you’re paying less in rent as well.
Next, our school has some of the most experienced, talented, and knowledgeable teachers.  All our schools do, but many of our teachers have roots in the surrounding area and bring a wealth of information to our students. The size of our school gives you quick and direct access to teachers, services, and the program coordinator. The size of our school provides a great teacher to student ratio; more attention per student. The PC does counseling for students thinking of college prep programs and has good knowledge of the community service system and how to transfer to major universities. Don’t forget, we’re getting a brand new campus with quads for socializing, lounge rooms, and accessible services in the area. Most importantly, most of our students always come back and say they always felt like we were a small community that made them feel more at home.  
Lastly, if you took the brave step of living this far away from home, why not live in a place you may not know much about where you could find way more things than you even imagined? Disneyland, Universal Studios, the beach, and all that other good stuff is always a drive away anyway. Trust me, I live on the west side and I’m not always in Santa Monica, Venice, UCLA, Beverly Hills, and all that stuff.  I probably go as often as someone living on the other side of town.  So why not NELA? Why not give us a shot? You may be surprised to find out that you’ll love it here.   

Discover LA(NELA)
Cityrace Secrets of Old Pasadena
By Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at NELA

A white horse…a green castle…and a Man in Black!

          In CityRace Urban Adventure Hunts, teams of 2 to 4 players solve fun & challenging clues leading them on a 3-hour hunt through one of L.A.’s many diverse neighborhoods. Teams will crack codes, solve challenging puzzles, uncover little-known facts and more… all while racing against other teams to be first to the finish with the most correct answers!

Explore secluded walkways, charming plazas and bustling shopping areas as you solve tricky clues leading you through the heart of Pasadena’s beautifully preserved original downtown. The rustic brick façades and quaint alleyways of this renowned landmark historic district are the perfect setting for this exciting CityRace hunt. Discover the hidden secrets and historic treasures of one of the region’s most famous neighborhoods!

Recreation in Pasadena
Date(s): 04/08/2017
Day(s): Saturday
Time(s): 10:00am-1:00pm
Address: 150 N Raymond Ave Pasadena CA 91101 
Cost: $40.00
Yowie at Egg Bowl

          Come have an EGG-CELLENT time at our spring festival and egg hunt inside the Rose Bowl Stadium! Enjoy fun for the whole family with games and activities such as face painting, live entertainment, balloon animals, food, pictures with the Bunny, and much more! This will be Pasadena’s largest egg hunt! Children will hip-hop their way onto the Rose Bowl field through more than 60,000 eggs in search of the ever so lucky GOLDEN EGG!

Recreation in Pasadena
Date(s): 04/15/2017
Day(s): Saturday
Time(s): 11:00am-3:00pm
Address: 1001 Rose Bowl Dr, Pasadena, CA 91103

Free in LA (NELA)
Second Saturday Spotlight Talk
By Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at NELA

        Spotlight Talks take place the second Saturday of every month at 2:00pm. A PMCA docent leads an engaging and insightful 20–minute discussion about a work of art currently on view in our Main Gallery exhibition, The Golden Twenties: Portraits and Figure Paintings by Joseph Kleitsch.

Note: Spotlight Talks meet near the exhibition title wall.

Presented as part of our PMCA 1234 monthly programming.
Free for PMCA members. Free with admission. Children 12 and under are always free!

Museums in Pasadena
Date(s): 04/08/2017
Day(s): Saturday
Time(s): 2PM
Address: 490 E. Union St.Pasadena, CA 91101 
Phone: 6265683665

Cost: Free with Admission
Celebrate National Library Week APRIL 9-15

        Crowell Public Library is celebrating National Library Week with a plethora of activities for all ages. What can be more transforming than clothing? Adults coming to Crowell Library on Tuesday evening, April 11 at will learn about the history of costume, when librarian Alex Kosztowny from FIDM presents, Fashion: From Concept to Consumer and Beyond in the Library’s Barth Community Room at 7:00 p.m. Adults will also have an opportunity to transform a book by entering the Crowell Library BookArt contest, which actually begins April 4, giving entrants ample time to let their creativity run wild. Patrons of all ages will have fun in the Library’s photo booth, taking selfies and sharing them on Instagram. The photo booth will offer a giant passport and library card prop as well as a view from a “reference desk.” For the young and young at heart, there will be a magic show from Illusions by Allen on Saturday, April 8th at 2:00 p.m. Allen Oshiro won First Place at the “Magic Corner Battle of the Magicians.” All week long, if kids are caught reading a book in the library, they can earn surprise prize tickets, and they can also participate in a “Libraries Transform” Scavenger Hunt.

Books in San Gabriel Valley
Date(s): 04/09/2017 to 04/15/2017
Day(s): Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Time(s): all day
Address: 1890 Huntington Drive, San Marino, CA 91108 
Phone: 626-300-0777
Cost: Free

Language Systems Faces 
Interview with LSI Front Desk Staff (NELA)
By Interview conducted by Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at NELA

Meet Paul Won. 
Q: How long have you worked for Language Systems?
A: Four and a half months.

Q: What do you like about working at NELA?
A: I can talk to students and try to help them.

Q: What is the most fun thing you’ve done at NELA?
A: Hanging out with students. I used to be a student at NELA, so It’s nice that I can still spend time with some of my old classmates. The most fun thing I’ve done here is going kayaking with other students.

Q: How many languages can you speak? Which ones? Do you want to learn any other languages? Which ones?
A: I speak English and Mandarin. I would like to learn Indonesian.

Q: What is your dream and what do you want to learn working at Language Systems?
A: My dream is to get a good career where I can have the option of working hard when I want to and taking time off when I want to.

Q: Who is the craziest person at NELA?
A: Carlos the PC because he’s always training. He trains early in the mornings, during his time off, during his vacation; he’s always training.

Program Coordinator Article

Why California is the best place to live
By Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at NELA

          The US is a large country.  We’re made of fifty states represented by stars on our flag.  However, when it comes to choosing a state to live in, why should California be considered as a good place?  We’ll let a Californian explain to you why.  California has more than enough reasons for you to want to live here.  Let’s go over some of the most important ones.
We’re the riches state in the country.  If we were to separate as an independent “Bear” republic, we would be the 5th or 6th largest economy alone.  That means there’s a lot of stuff going on and we’re rich on resources and people skills.  For example, California has the Silicon Valley, Hollywood, The largest (and most productive) agricultural force, production of some of the best wine in the world, it’s one of the most biodiverse states, it has the biggest, tallest, and oldest trees in the world, it has a wealth of microclimates, and the list goes on and on.
Here’s the most important thing.  California draws some of the most talented people from all over the world, which means that all the bright and talented minds come together in one place.  Along with our cultural diversity, some of the most tolerant and open minded people, and the amount of entrepreneurship that happens here, why wouldn’t you want to move to California.  I’ve only covered the surface though.  It’s important to remember that California gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself because you’ll be going through the same thing with people from all over the world.  Empathy, tolerance, and friendship; that’s why you choose California.

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