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to throw a party

Situation #1

Tim: Hey, next Saturday is Grace’s birthday..

Joe: Really? We should throw a party for her.

Tim: Good idea! Let’s do it! We can have it at my place.

Joe: Perfect!

Situation #2

When I graduated from college, my parents threw a really nice party for me and my friends. My parents have a bog backyard and my dad barbequed steaks for eveyone. My parents had all kinds of food and all my friends had a great time.

Meaning of idiom: to throw a party means that someone organizes or plans a party. Someone usually comes up with the idea or is in charge of planning.

NOTE: In English you cannot say “do a party” or “make a party..” These expressions are incorrect. You must say “throw a party” or “have a party.”

This idiom was taken from LSI’s textbook titled Speaking Transitions. This book is used at LSI schools to teach Level 4 Speaking and Listening. For more information please visit:

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