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To shoot some hoops

Context  #1:

I just want to relax
this weekend. I don’t want to study. I don’t want to clean or do laundry. I
just want to relax. Maybe I’ll watch something on Netflix or take a long nap. I
might call up some friends and shoot
some hoops
 if the weather is

Context #2:

We just returned from
the LA Lakers NBA game in Downtown Los Angeles. It was so exciting! Basketball
is my favorite sport and I can’t wait to join a team so I can shoot some
 with my friends!


To shoot some hoops means to play basketball. The sport of basketball is played with a ball and the
object of the game is to get the ball through a hoop by throwing the ball.The verb shoot  is used the same as throw.


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    Thanks a whole freaking lot for sharing another awesome American idiom, guys … You kick major ass … We love you … Keep up the good work …

    Russian ESL students


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