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To Ring Up

Idiom: To Ring Up

Example 1:

Store clerk to the man waiting in line to pay: “Hello, sir. Are you ready? I can ringyou up at this register.”

Example 2:

Shopper who realizes there is mistake on her receipt: “I have to go back to the store. The cashier rang up 2 cartons of eggs but I only have 1. I was overcharged for something I didn’t buy!”

Meaning: “To Ring Up”is a separable phrasal verb that is used to describe the action of the cashier in a store. 
“The cashier will ring up your items.”
“Can you ringme up?”
Remember! When using object pronouns (you, me, us, it, etc) the pronoun must separate the phrasal verb. Ex: Ring me up  NOT: Ring up me. Longer nouns that are not pronouns generally don’t separate the phrasal verb. Ex: Ring up all the items in my shopping cart. NOT: Ring all the items in my shopping cart up.

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