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To miss the boat

Context #1

Dear Mrs.Goldberg,

I would like to
express my interest in interviewing for the front desk position at Goldbergs
and Associates. 
Would it be possible
for us to meet this week?


John Snowish


Dear Mr. Snowish,

Thank you for your
interest in our company.
Unfortunately this
position has already been taken. 
I am sorry you missed
the boat, but we will keep your resume and contact you when a similar position
becomes available.

Best regards,

Mrs. Goldberg


Context #2

Hey Cassie, 

How is everything in
It’s good to be back
in Russia, but I miss you guys so, so, so much!
How is everything with
you and the girls? How is Devin? Does he miss me at all? Do you think he likes
Seriously, I even told
him I liked him and he never asked me out!
I’m telling you, if he
says he likes me now, I am just going to tell him he missed the boat! It’s too
late. I don’t even like him anymore…

Anyway, I hope all is
well with you! 

Miss you!


Meaning: to be too
late to join an event or trend, or to late for an opportunity.

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