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To Make Big Bucks

Idiom: “to make
big bucks”

Example 1:

Joe: Whatever happened
to Tony, that guy who we went to high school with?

Sam: You didn’t
hear? He developed some app for smart phones and he’s making big bucks

Joe: Yeah, I can see
that. He was really smart and creative.  Good for him!

Example 2:

Sally: I heard that
Stacy wants to become a elementary school teacher.

Grace: Your
kidding? Teachers don’t make a lot of money!

Sally: Well, she knows
that no one becomes a teacher to make big bucks. She just has a really
special heart for children and she wants to make a difference in their lives.

Grace: Oh really?
Well, then I hope everything works out for her.

Meaning:to make big
” is an idiom that means to make a lot of money or to earn a really
large salary compared to others.

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