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To go the extra mile

Idiom: To
go the extra mile – to do more than what is required to reach a goal
or complete a task; to do more and make a greater effort than what is

#1 – Two friends talking during lunch

Hey, Brittany. You look really happy. What’s up?

Oh, I just finished my English Conversation class.

Really? I thought it ended at 12:30. It’s 1:15 right now.

my teacher stayed after class and explained some idioms to me and how
to use them in conversation. Now I really understand and I feel

What a nice teacher! It sounds like she really cares.

she does. My teacher really goes
the extra mile

to help us understand new idioms in class. She often stays late and
explains things to students with questions. She doesn’t have to do
that during her free time.

True! You are lucky to have a teacher like her.

#2 – Two friends talking about a party last Saturday

Sara: Did
you like that party Billy threw for me last Saturday night for my

Pat: Yes!
He really went
the extra mile

to make the perfect party for everyone.

Sara: I
know! I totally didn’t expect him to rent such a big room at the
hotel and have the party catered with such delicious food! On top of
that, he hired a live DJ to come in for the night. It was so nice!

Well, Billy is like that. He is a great guy and always willing to go
the extra mile

for his family and friends.

Meaning: To
go the extra mile for someone means to do more than what is required
to reach a goal or complete a task or to do more than what is
expected of a person. In context 1, Brittany is happy because her
teacher went
the extra mile

to help her understand something in English class. Therefore, the
teacher did more than required to help Brittany understand the
English lesson by staying during her own free time. In context 2,
Billy threw a party for Sara and it was a super nice party. Billy did much more than what was expected to make it a great party.  

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