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To get roasted

Idiom: To get roasted

Context #1:
Jim (On Monday): What did you do this weekend? 
Tommy: I went to the beach all day yesterday, and I forgot to put on sunblock.
Jim: Uh-oh.  Did you get sunburned?
Tommy:  My shoulders got so roasted that I couldn’t even sleep last night.  My skin hurts so bad!
Jim:  Well, I guess next time you won’t forget to wear sunblock.

Context #2:
Chrissy: Can I borrow some of your sunscreen?
Jill: Sure!  Help yourself.
Chrissy: I want to make sure my nose doesn’t get roasted
Jill: Good idea!

Meaning: “to get roasted” is an American idiom that means to get very sunburned. People use this expression when they get so burned by the sun that their skin hurts.

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