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To Fall Into Place

Idiom: to fall into
Meaning: to begin to make sense;  to happen in a satisfactory way without
problems; to understand something that was not understandable before; to solve the problem

Context #1 – Bethany is finishing her first day on the job
Lars:I’m so glad you got a job here. How do you like it?
Is everything OK?
Well, I like it now. At first I was really confused about how I was supposed to
take orders over the phone and that really stressed me out.
Lars: Oh no! You
should have told me. We have support material for new people who are just
learning on the job.
Bethany: Yes,
I know. I asked Martha what to do and she gave me a script and other support
material. Then, things began to fall
into place
, and I finally understood what to do.
Lars: Whew! That’s good. I really want you to like
it here.
Bethany: No worries! After everything fell into place, I am stress-free and

Context #2 – Two fans
are watching a basketball game and discussing their favorite team

Donna: Wow! I can’t believe how differently the team
is playing today compared to just last week when they completely fell apart and
lost by 20 points.
Carlos: I know! It’s like a miracle. I guess the
changes the coach made in the team lineup and the new plays really made things fall into place for the team.
Donna: You can say that again! Look at all the shots
they are making, and they are getting almost all of the rebounds!
Carlos: Yes, it is fun to watch.
Donna: Well, I’m really glad that everything fell into place for the team before
they lost too many games. We might even go to the playoffs this year!

Meaning: The idiom “to fall into place” means to make sense of something
that previously was not understandable or to organize something efficiently to
make it more understandable. In Context 1, Bethany was confused about her job
duties, but when a co-worker helped her, everything fell into place. In Context
2, when the team became more organized and together, everything fell into place
and they started playing well.  

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