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Example 1 Sarah: Hey Bella, do you want to go to Starbucks after school? Bella: I’d really like to  but I want to save money for a new dress for the school dance so I need to cut corners. Lets get something to drink at my house instead.  Sarah: Okay. Sounds good. Example 2 Susan: ( To co-worker ) Christine is a great friend but she’s difficult to work with, because she always tries to cut corners to get things done quickly. Sometimes I have to go back and redo her work to make sure its acceptable to the boss. Maria: That’s terrible! You should tell her not to do that again. 

Meaning: “To cut corners” can be used in a couple of different situations. In the first example, a person can cut corners in order to save money or to economize. In the second example,”cutting corners” involves completing a task quickly while eliminating a few of the steps in the process. Cutting corners can be a positive or negative action depending on the situation.
cut corners: this idiom can be found in LSI ‘s Level 4 Reading Horizons book

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