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To Choke

Idiom: to choke

Example 1:

Sam: How did you do on
your biology test this morning?

Todd: Oh man, I
totally choked. I couldn’t remember any of the information I studied last
night.  I can’t believe it.

Sam: Really? That’s too bad.

Example 2:

Chrissy: I have my
first piano recital this Friday night. I’m getting so nervous.

Jane: Don’t
worry. You’ll do fine. You practice a lot, right?

Chrissy: Yeah, I’ve
been practicing for hours everyday, but I’m afraid I’ll get really scared when
I see the audience. What if I choke and mess up the whole piece of music?

Jane: Try to
calm down. You’ll be ok.

Meaning: To choke is
an idiom that is used to describe someone who totally fails at a moment when
they are expected or hoping to perform well.

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