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“To Be a Snap”

Idiom:  “To Be a Snap”

Bob: Hey, Marilyn! What’s new with you?
Marilyn: Not much… I’ve been trying to finish organizing my
Bob: How is it going?
Marilyn: Very difficult. I really don’t like organizing
Bob: Really? I love organizing closets! It’s not hard at
all. It’s a snap . I’ve been doing this for a long time. 
Marilyn: Wow, you could come and help me!
Bob: I could, but I won’t. I don’t work for free!
Marilyn: Haha, you are funny!
Bob: No, I’m serious. That’s actually my job. I am a closer
organizer! You pay, I organize!
Marilyn: Ok, you’re hired!

Meaning:  To Be a Snap
means to be very easy.
This idiom was taken from our LSI book Speaking Horizons.

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