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Tis the Season

Idiom: Tis the Season

Example 1:A mom and her small son are talking about the

Jeff:Wow! Look at all these presents under the tree!
Mom: Well, tis the
Jeff: But it’s still
early, a week before Christmas. I thought Santa Claus brought all the presents
while we are sleeping on Christmas eve?
Mom: Ummm…Santa…….ahhhh….came
early this year. Surprise!
Jeff: Really?
Mom: Yes, really. Because you were such a good

Example 2:Two roommates are talking at home.
Jack: OK. I have my ugly sweater, antlers, exchange
gift, and egg nog. I’m ready for the Christmas party!
Terri: Ha! You really look like you’re ready! I like
the antlers!
Jack: Tis the season… party!!!!

Meaning: “Tis the season” typically refers to the time before Christmas,
which can be defined as anywhere from October to December 24th. @SBLA @OC @NELA @DTLA


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