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Taking a “Learning Vacation”

“What is a learning vacation?” I asked Mika, one of my best students during my time as an ESL teacher in Tokyo. In my mind, a vacation was doing absolutely nothing and just “vegging out” by the pool on a beautiful sunny day. Whoever said anything about “learning” while on vacation? Mika patiently explained to me that for one month a year, she could go to another country, learn a language, experience the local culture, and have fun sightseeing! It was a “win-win” for her. She worked in marketing, so brushing up on her English skills helped her professionally, and learning about another culture helped her relax, make new friends, and have an enjoyable vacation. This gave me something to think about, and once I returned to the U.S., I began to see why Mika was such a successful, well-rounded person.

Learning can be fun. In fact, having fun while studying can enhance and accelerate the learning process. This is especially true when learning a language. When a student is having fun in an English class, he/she forgets to be nervous or shy and starts to participate fully in the class without inhibitions.  When I started teaching at Language Systems in South Bay, I noticed that there were many special programs that catered to students coming for a short “learning vacation.” These programs were centered around certain themes like survival English for beginners or conversation English for intermediate and advanced students. Even academic programs like test preparation classes could help students make the most out of their short time in the United States.

Recently, requests for “learning vacations” have increased, and the last few months at Language Systems, where I currently work, have been really exciting and productive. In anticipation of our students coming for learning vacations this summer, we have been designing special business programs with hands-on activities that will enhance our students’ learning experience. For our survival English and conversation classes, we have added some impressive field trips and outings that will get students moving, learning about American culture, and making new friends in English!

Here are three reasons to make your next vacation a learning one: 
1. There are plenty of programs at Language Systems to choose from, depending on your interests and skills. You can choose the one that is right for you!
2. There are amazing sites to visit and things to do in Southern California. When we plan our field trips, it’s easy to find places that are both educational and fun.
3. Each program, even short-term programs, end with a certificate of completion or attendance so that when returning to your country, you can show your employer your dedication in building your professional skills.
Of course, there are many more reasons to learn while you are on vacation! When I see LSI students on a whale-watching trip in Long Beach, cheering on the Dodgers or Angels at a baseball game, or getting some hands-on time at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, I think of Mika and wonder what new adventure she is on right now. Are you ready to start your learning vacation?

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