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Context #1:

Tom: Have you seen the new Star Wars movie yet?
Jim: Yeah, I saw it last night. It was so sick!
Tom: I know! I think it is the best one yet.

Context #2:

Sara: On Saturday we went to the street skateboarding championships, and it was so cool!
Kim: I bet! I can’t believe so of the tricks that they can do now.
Sara: I know! We saw some really sick tricks.

Meaning: “sick” is an idiom/slang word that is used to describe something that is really cool. 


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    Thanks for sharing, guys … Can we also use words like 'badass'and 'kickass' to mean the same? WE hear these two words from our US contacts all the time … We love you …

    Russian ESL students

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      Thanks! Can't wait for more of your American idioms!! … Keep up the good work!!

      Your Russian fans


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