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Second to None

Second to None:the best, better than anything or anyone else

Context #1 – A friend is asking his roommate about restaurants

Mark: Hey, Mannie. What are you doing?
Mannie: Well, I’m looking for a really nice restaurant. I’ve decided to ask Tanya to marry me and I would like to do it in a romantic restaurant.
Mark: Congratulations! You make a great couple! I know a perfect restaurant right on the beach. It has a beautiful view and the food is delicious!
Mannie: Are you sure it is the best restaurant in the area?
Mark: I guarantee you that this restaurant is second to none. You will love it!

Context #2 – Friends talking about a concert

Cassandra:Hey, would you like to go see that new band “Things Hidden” tonight at the coliseum?
Tabitha: Oh, yes! I heard they are the best new band out there!
Cassandra: They are second to none! No other band can compare.
Tabitha: Let’s go early so that we can get really good seats.

Explanation: “Second to none” means the best or better than anything or anyone else. In context 1, Mannie wants to take Tanya to the best restaurant in town so that he can propose to her.  Mark assures Mannie that the restaurant he recommended is the best, or second to none. In context 2, the band that the two friends are going to see is the best new band in town. 
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    Thanks for sharing, miss … Can't wait for more … Keep up the good work … We love you …

    We have a quick question, though: can we also use 'beyond compare' as a synonym of 'second to none'?

    Russian ESL students

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    Hi, guys …

    Could you please post American idioms a bit more often? … Your wonderful blog is one of the most dependable sources of American phraseology on the Web … We really appreciate the hard work you've been doing for ESL learners so far …

    Your massive fans from Moscow

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      Dear, Russian Students

      We use to post idioms every Tuesday and Thursday. But it depends on our schedule. Stay tuned and you will figure out when we post something new! Have a great day! Thanks!


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