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Play it by ear

Play it by ear:(1) Play music without
reading from a score; (2) To do something instinctively; to do something
without planning based on the circumstances.

Context #1 – Friends talking about an upcoming

Hanna: So what are we going to do when we get
to London?
Leslie: Well, we said we would go to the major
attractions during the day.
Hanna: Yeah, but I want to go out at night
too.  Should I do some research?
Leslie: Let’s just play it by ear.  I mean, we
don’t even know what it will feel like until we arrive.
Hanna: Yeah, that’s not a bad idea.  Let’s just play it by ear then. I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

Context #2 – Two
traveling musicians.

Jason: I can’t wait for our concert this
Sunday.  I can’t believe we’re opening
for Black Violin.
Jose: I know. 
I heard they always invite their opening act to play on stage with them
impromptu.  What should we do if that
Jason: We’ll just play it by ear man.  That’s
the best way to approach something like that.
Jose: I guess we have no choice.  Awesome! 
Wyld Stallyns!!!

Explanation: “Play it by ear” means to do something
without any planning.  It could apply to
music or any situation where there are no instructions.  Many people use it when they feel confused
about life. 

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