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a _____ person

Example 1:

Jared: Hey, Cindy! Let’s go get some coffee after class and study for the test together.

Cindy: I’d like to study with you, but I’m not really a coffee person. Do they have hot chocolate?

Jared: Of course they do! They have tea, too!

Cindy: Great! I’ll see you then.

Example 2:

I’m going to skip the basketball game tonight. I’m more of a soccer person.

a _____ person is a very common expression in American English.
It is used when talking about a person’s likes or dislikes.

In the first example:
Cindy doesn’t really like coffee = She is not really a coffee person

In the second example:
They will not attend the basketball game because they like soccer more. He is a soccer person.

This idiom was taken from the LSI textbook “Speaking Transitions.” This book is used at LSI schools to teach Level 4 Listening/Speaking classes. For more information please visit

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