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Horse of a different color

Example 1:

Jason:I was looking to ask May out on Friday. What do you think?
Freddy: Finally, you keep talking about her but you never actually
do anything about it.
Jason:It’s not so much that I am afraid of asking her out; it’s her
brother I’m worried about. That’s a horse of a different color. He’s always intimidating people asking his
sister out.
Freddy: Yeah, good luck with that.

Example 2:

Alexa:Do you think we should go to Europe like we planned? Or should we go to Asia?
Axel:Whoa, going to Asia? That’s a horse of a different
. I think you should really
consider where you really want to go because Europe and Asia are two very
different places.


A horse of a different color means that something or someone are
completely different things or choices. In the first example, Jason was trying to explain May and May’s brother
as completely different people with different personalities to deal with. Although the two people are siblings, they
are different in many ways.  In the
second example, it seems that Alexa was initially thinking about visiting
Europe, but after further consideration, she began to wonder about Asia. Axel explains that they are completely
different places and that she should really consider the choices before making
a decision. 

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