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Grab a Bite

Idiom:  Grab a Bite; used as a verb phrase.

Example 1:  
“I am SO hungry right now! 
Which restaurant do you guys want to go to for lunch?  We could grab
a bite
at the Japanese Restaurant down the street.”

Meaning:  To Grab a Bite basically means to get
something to eat.  In this example, the
speaker was extremely hungry and wanted to find out where they would go for
lunch.  The speaker then suggested that
they get something to eat at the Japanese Restaurant that was nearby.  This idiom can be used in a casual way to
suggest places to get something to eat. 
Typically, this idiom implies a small amount of food, such as a snack,
lunch item, or fast food.  It is NOT
usually used to describe larger portions of food, like those eaten during

Example 2:
“I was in a hurry to meet my boss for the two o’clock
meeting, so I grabbed a quick bite
at the nearest fast-food restaurant that was along the way.”

Meaning:  In this
example, to Grab a Bite is used to
describe a small amount of food that would quickly satisfy the speaker’s

This idiom is from the book “The Slangman – Guide to
Street Speak 1,” which is used as supplementary Idioms material in LSI’s Intermediate
Conversation classes.

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