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Cream of the crop

Context #1:

Joe: Have you decided who you’re going to hire
for the open position in the accounting department?
Sam: Well, I interviewed about 8 people and
now I’m down to the cream of the crop. There are 2 people I am still
considering, and need to make my final decision by Friday.

Context #2:

Christa: Do you know what you’re going to cook
for Valentine’s Day dinner this year? 
Sally: Well, I had about 5 different recipes I was thinking about, and I’ve narrowed it down to just 2 of my recipes that are really the cream of the crop.

Meaning: “cream of the crop” is an
expression that means “the best of the best.”  It is used to
describe the very best things out of a group of things that are all pretty


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    Thanks for sharing, guys … A little request, though … Could you also mention some commonly used synonyms of the key expression, like 'best of the bunch, pick of the litter and top of the heap (line)' in this case … This way, our conversation won't sound repetitive as heck … We love you …

    Russian ESL students

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      Thank you so much for your request! We have to think a little bit about that and maybe make the changes for next idiom! We'll be keeping you in the loop! 😉


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