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Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Context #1

Mother and Daughter are talking
about her old toys

Melissa: Mommy, why are you wrapping those baby toys as Christmas
presents? I’m much too big for those types of baby toys. I’m almost 8 years-old.
Mom: Well, Melissa, these presents are not for you. They are for needy
families at Christmas who cannot afford to buy their babies toys and other
Christmas presents.
Melissa: Really? Can I help you? I bet these toys will make those babies
very happy!
Mom: Of course, you can help. Christmas comes but once a year, so we
need to remember the less fortunate and do something to make their Christmas

Context #2

A children’s
choir* is getting ready to sing in a hospital lobby

Choir Leader:OK, everyone, please stand together so
that we can sing our first song, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”
Tabitha: I
feel strange standing here in this hospital singing Christmas songs. Why are we
Samantha: And
people might get mad at us for making noise!
Choir Leader: We are here in the hospital to cheer up the
people who are not feeling well at Christmas time and cannot go home.
Tabitha: Oh, so they want to hear us?
Choir Leader: Of course! Christmas comes but once a year, so we should all do our best to be
extra kind to people at Christmas. Your beautiful voices will cheer them up!

Explanation: The idea behind this saying is that since Christmas only happens once a
year, we should treat it as a very special time by being extra good to others,
especially children. Check out this 1936 cartoon with the title “Christmas
Comes but Once a Year,” to see what “Professor Grampy” does to cheer up some sad
orphans ** at Christmas. Click on the link below: Christmas Comes But Once a Year

*Choir: an organized group of singers (of all ages),
typically one that takes part in church services or performs regularly in

**Orphan: Children who do not have a mother or father.


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