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Be a sitting duck

Example 1:

Jin Young: How was your trip last weekend?

Dori: Not so good. Someone broke into my car and stole my bags!

Jin Young: Oh no! What happened?

Dori: Well, I was driving to my hotel, but somehow I got lost. I was in a bad neighborhood, I didn’t know how to get around, and my cell phone had no service so I couldn’t use my map!

Jin Young: Wow, it sounds like you would be an easy target for a robber.

Dori: Yeah, and then, my car broke down in the middle of the street! I was a sitting duck. 
When I got out of the car to try to fix it, the burglar took my bags from my backseat. It was so easy for him!

Example 2:

During the war, the two armies fought each other by firing weapons across an open field. One night, a soldier started sleepwalking toward the middle of the field. When the sun rose, he was a sitting duck, sitting alone with no weapons in the field!

Meaning: Something that is easy to attack; someone unprotected and vulnerable

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