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Bah! Humbug!

Idiom: Bah! Humbug!  

Meaning: An expression used to show a negative attitude
or disgust about the Christmas season. This expression was made famous by the
fictional character Ebinizer Scrooge in the Charles Dickens novel ‘A Christmas

Context: Watch the
following video and read along. Donald Duck is trying to wish his uncle,
Ebinizer Scrooge, a Merry Christmas. But his uncle really hates Christmas and
wants it to be just a regular day

Scrooge: It’s just another work day and any jackanapes* who thinks else should be
boiled in his own pudding!

Donald: Ohhhhh!!

Mickey: But sir, Christmas is a time for giving. A time to be with
one’s family.
Scrooge: I say, “Bah! Humbug!”
Donald: I don’t care! I say, “Merry
Christmas! Merry Christmas!”
Mickey: Well said, Master Fritz! (clapping
his hands
Scrooge: Cratchit (name of Mickey)! What are you doing?
Mickey: Ah, ha ha,  I was just trying to keep my hands warm, sir.
Scrooge: Humph! And what are you doing here,
Donald: I’ve come to give you a wreath and
invite you to Christmas dinner.
Scrooge: Well, I suppose you are going to
have plump goose with chestnut dressing? 
Donald: Yep!
Scrooge: And will you have plumb pudding and
lemon sauce?
Donald: Yah, by golly!
Scrooge: And candied fruit with spice sugar
Donald: Yah! Will you come?
Scrooge: Are you daft**, man! You know I can’t eat that stuff! Here’s your wreath back.
Now out, out, out!!!
Donald: Ahhhhhh!
Scrooge: Bah!

Donald: (opens
the door, puts the wreath on the door knob
) Merry Christmas!!
Scrooge: And a bah, humbug to you!

*Jacknape: Someone unimportant but disrespectful in manner

**Daft: Silly or Foolish

In this scene, Donald Duck is trying to wish his uncle a Merry Christmas, but
his uncle response “bah, humbug,” an expression of disgust about the Christmas
season. Instead, he rejects his nephew’s Christmas dinner invitation and gift
and throws him out of the office. When Donald comes back and tries one more
time to say “Merry Christmas,” his uncles responds with bah, humbug, instead of
a Christmas greeting.

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