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A Packrat

Idiom: A Packrat

Context #1:

Chris:  Have you been to Tom’s apartment? It’s a total mess!

Jerry: Yeah I know!  He’s got books and clothes and stuff everywhere.

Chris: He never throws anything away.  He’s a real packrat!

Context #2:

Anthony:  Hey Sean, what are you doing?

Sean: I’m cleaning out my garage.  My wife says I have to get rid of all the stuff that I haven’t used in years.

Anthony: Well, if you haven’t used that old soccer ball in 10 years you probably don’t need it.

Sean: I know, but I just like to keep things.  My wife says she married a packrat. 

Meaning:  “a packrat” is a term that refers to someone who likes to keep things instead of getting rid of them.  Often this is someone who has a hard time throwing things away.  This idiom was taken from LSI’s textbook Reading Horizons, which is used to teach Level 6 Reading/Vocabulary at LSI schools.  For more information please visit

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